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We're a bunch of passionate artists working together to create amazing art, photos, and videos. Richard, Katt, Kaela, as well as many more people like Minh are on tap to work on projects as needed.

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Reach out to us, we're willing to work with you on what makes sense for you, we can trade scene for scene, share content, or sell you exclusive content, whatever makes sense for both of us!

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Hiding a tattoo - Wolverine: Committed

by Richard Mathis | 04 March, 2021

Sometimes the actor has tattoos, but the character doesn't.  Sometimes you ignore it, sometimes you hide it, and sometimes you make it disappear....

How long could you last, naked in a blizzard?

by Richard Mathis | 22 February, 2021

We dive into what and why we recreate Weapon X and bring Lydon naked into the snow.

Making Wolverine: Committed - The Plan

by Richard Mathis | 09 February, 2021

Late Night Cravings

Recent blog posts

Fresh Pasta at Esther's Kitchen

by Richard Mathis | 24 April, 2021

We explore the seasonal foodie options available at Esther's Kitchen

Food Truck Review - Santa Pia's Italian Subs

by Richard Mathis | 06 April, 2021

We bring some friends and try as many different foods as we can from this Italian Bronx themed food truck until we're close to bursting, then we write up our experience.

Easy and tasty buffalo chicken dip!

by Richard Mathis | 24 March, 2021

a quick and easy buffalo chicken dip that isn't too spicy but has just enough kick to prove to be quite addictive!