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I love creating pieces that tell a story—I want my work to be something you can look at and think back on fondly. People often ask me what inspires my work; what I tell them is this: the world around us is full of stories waiting to be told. We just need someone with an eye for beauty to weave them together into something beautiful.

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We believe in bringing color back into the world, and we know that art can do that. We also believe that art is more than just pretty pictures on a wall—it's a way of expressing yourself and connecting to others. It's a way of telling your story and connecting with others through images and feelings.

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What Our Customers Say About Us:

Such unique and mesmerizing art that I needed to acquire it straight away. Can't wait for more Ignis Umbra!

Zoe T.

The quality of the print is extraordinary and the artwork is just captivating - would 100% recommend to friends & family.

Marvin H.

I've been a fan of Ignis Umbra's work for quite some time now. I'm thrilled to see them go live with their new website!!!

Melania F.

The print quality, the frames, the customer service, the artwork, just everything is impeccable. Thank you IgnisUmbra.com

Paul V.

I recently purchased a piece and the details are so fine. I would recommend Ignis Umbra for sure and their services!

Luke P.

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